Reply 1 to the problem of evil

Absolving God of Evil

In order for us to have the concept of evil, we must necessarily have the concept of good. You can not have one without the other just as you can't have a mountain without a valley. God created the world with both good and evil but he also gave humans the freewill with the hope that man would make good or moral choices as opposed to evil. When man was created, he was given the freedom to make such choices, which God can't stop, without taking away the freedom that makes us human.

The problem is that we try to use logic to analysis why God would allow evil things, both moral and natural, to occur when He is all-good. However, we must realize that logic is a concept that is of human nature. The mere definition of God holds that "something than which nothing is greater can be thought". Obviously, this definition rules out humans. Therefore, we must conclude that something greater than ourselves exist. God is not a person in the human sense, therefore one cannot think of God as using logic in the human sense. In other words, what He deems logical, may be beyond our comprehension.

We try to put God in a box with each action neatly compartmentalized. God tells us that His ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts our thoughts. Therefore, we must take that "leap of faith" to make the connection to God because logic and faith will never meet.

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