Philosophy and Science Fiction

An Introductory Jaunt into Philosophy through Science Fiction




Introduction: The philosophical enterprise and science-fiction.

Chapter One: Epistemology and metaphysics. What can be known and what is it that is known? Minds, bodies, and their combinations; the Mind/Body Problem. Special excursus on memes.

Chapter Two: Religion. God, proofs for and against. The problem of evil.

Chapter Three: Existentialism. The nature of man and his place in the world; the Human Predicament.

Chapter Four: Freedom and determinism. Persons or biological robots.

Chapter Five: Social and political philosophy. The nature of social and political organizations. Marriage and democracy. Capitalism and communism.

Chapter Six: Ethics. What is the right action to do? Studies in problems of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, premarital sex, socialized medicine(case study in medical ethics) and famine relief.

Chapter Seven: The meaning of life.

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